By Julie Krieger

The ASA believes in the value of the promotion of the next generation of Show professionals.   In fact, the development of a thriving Next Generation (Next Gen) program is a key strategic imperative for us.  Next Gen Board members, Lyndsey Douglas and Edward Scott have been hard at work engaging with Next Gen members from around the country to develop a framework for a national Next Gen program.

A series of discussions and meetings have been held around the country, culminating in the development of a subcommittee whose aims are to:

  • Begin information sharing and networking between existing State-based Next Gen, bodies
  • Establish a framework for a national Next Gen body, and
  • Develop common national goals.

The state Next Gen groups would also become independent members of ASA. Delegates of the subcommittee will be the Chairs, Presidents or leaders of the state-based Next Gen groups, or their nominated representatives. The subcommittee will determine up to three key goals or deliverables for a two-year period, aligned to the improvement and development of Next Gen objectives, and will report on these to the ASA Board. Meetings of the subcommittee will be held quarterly at a minimum. The meeting will be chaired by an ASA Next Generation Director.

Two meetings of the subcommittee have now been held, with discussions focused on:

  • Collaboration
  • Idea sharing
  • Supporting states in the establishment of a next generation body
  • Overcoming common challenges
  • Forming a national framework for the Young Farmer Challenge (YFC)