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Ag Shows Australia has prepared a suite of templates and messages for local shows to hit the ground running in promoting Young Judges and Paraders competitions to entrants, sponsors and the local community.

All of the templates can be downloaded below.

Download this PDF for an overview and instructions on how to use each piece of promotional content.

Key Messages

These key messages highlight the language to use as your first port of call for any conversations, communications and content for Young Judges and Paraders.

So if the Minister or a local member needs a briefing, or a media release needs an explainer, or an email is going out to schools – this is our core content.

Note: This particular document is internal facing and should be used for referencing rather than shared as a document.

Local show social media posts – entrants

The generic Facebook and Instagram tiles and stories images are available for all shows to use when promoting the Young Judges and/or Paraders Competitions at your show.

The purpose of these posts is to generate interest in entering these competitions, so it is important you have a call to action which tells readers how they can enter your Young Judges/Paraders competitions. We have created customisable copy templates to accompany each of the social media posts which will get you off to a great start.

Local show social media posts – Sponsors

The generic Facebook and Instagram tiles and stories images are specifically targeting potential local sponsors’ involvement in your youth education through the Young Judges and Paraders Competitions.

We have created an image tile and matching customisable copy template to accompany each tile.

Media Release

The media release aims to educate the wider community
on the benefits of the learning through competition. It highlights how the Young Judges and Paraders competitions develop personal skills that translate across almost every career.

We have created a Microsoft Word customisable media release template which you can download, edit, place on your local show letterhead and print or email to your local newspaper and radio station and any other relevant local media outlets.


This is content your show can use to send to your local newspaper on the competition authored by the President, or a relevant Chief Steward to promote the competition.

The Microsoft Word template allows you to input your local show details, then download and send.

Email to entrants

This entrant email template has been developed for use if your show has a list of potential schools or past entrants that you would like to encourage to enter into the competition.

The email can be customised to reflect the specific Young Judges and Paraders competitions your show is holding and include your local show information.

Copy and paste the provided copy directly into your email system.

Email to Sponsors

This sponsor email template has been developed so you can send an email to your sponsorship list that you are trying to target for the Young Judges and Paraders competitions.

The email highlights how their involvement can support the next generation of leaders in the agriculture industry and the community at large.

Copy, paste and customise the email template to suit your local show.

This educational content has been developed as part of the Project: Education of Sustainable Agri-Food Production Program. This project is jointly funded through Agricultural Shows Australia and the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program

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