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Who is the ASA?

Agricultural Shows of Australia (ASA) has been established to promote the role and significance of Australian Agricultural Shows to the wider community. The ASA’s vision is a strong and vibrant network of Agricultural Shows working together to engage, influence and promote the essential value of Australian agriculture. The membership of the ASA is made up of capital city Royal Agricultural Societies and state-based Agricultural Show bodies, together representing over 580 agricultural shows, with a combined economic value of $965 million annually.

What is the ASA’s Purpose?

Born from the coming-together of two bodies, separately representing the Royal Show and country Show movements, the newly formed ASA will:

  • Present a unified and greater voice for agricultural shows in Australian society
  • Advocate for the Agricultural Show movement to government and industry
  • Provide tools to minimise the risks associated with running agricultural shows
  • Engage young people in agriculture through education and employment opportunities
  • Educate the public and other stakeholders regarding the importance of Agricultural Shows, and agriculture in general

The establishment of the ASA as a single, unified body will ensure agricultural shows enjoy a strong
and sustainable future through shared knowledge, experience, opportunities and innovations.

How Will ASA Achieve It’s Goals?

The ASA exists to provide service and benefits to members, ultimately working together to strengthen the
Agricultural Shows movement for Australian society. It does this through:

  • Best-practice information sharing to: increase public safety; educate; innovate; and entertain
  • Providing a recognised Awards program for excellence in agriculture
  • Facilitation of the Next Generation groups nationally, engaging young professionals working in Agriculture
  • Representing the interests of the Agricultural Show movement with Government and other related bodies
  • Seeking commercial support which will strengthen the ASA as well as individual member organisations
  • Providing opportunities for networking and education for members

Why Support ASA?

The Agricultural Shows movement has a significant impact on the Australian community and economy.
Support for the ASA means support for:

  • The agricultural shows movement, worth $965 million to the Australian economy annually
  • The broader agricultural industry, with a gross economic value of $60 billion annually
  • The 6 million Australians – over a quarter of the population – who attend Agricultural Shows each year,including 50 000 volunteers
  • The pursuit of continual innovation in the Show movement, and in agriculture more broadly
  • The ongoing education of the agricultural sector as well as the general public
  • The ongoing connection between city and country and the strengthening of communities fostered by Agricultural Shows
  • The vibrancy of Agricultural Shows as a unique, valuable and iconic feature of the Australian culture

promoting the role and significance of Australian Agricultural Shows to the wider community

About Ag Shows Australia

Agricultural Shows Australia represents over 580 shows nation-wide and works to engage, influence and promote the essential value of Australian Agriculture.

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