This article originally appeared in The Mail Times.

Horsham resident Zack Currie has officially made history.

The 21-year-old was recently announced as Horsham Agriculture Society’s new president, making him the youngest in the society’s history.

“I just pipped Dalton Cross as the youngest, who was 22 when he became president,” Mr Currie said.

Mr Currie has been involved with the committee since August 2016 after seeing a callout for new members in Wimmera Farmer.

Originally from Bonnie Doon, he moved to Horsham several years ago and currently works with the Australian Wool Network as a wool classer.

Mr Currie said his new role would see him continuing to develop the society’s major events.

“My focus will be the future success of our show to align itself with the development of Horsham as a town and our key position on town along the Wimmera River,” he said.

“The show is my passion and I’m extremely interested in developing the showgrounds, but maintaining the history of the area.”

He said getting young people involved was essential to the society’s survival.

“The committee has a good mix of younger members and older, more experienced members,” he said.

“Volunteering is very rewarding. I want to look at the future of agricultural shows and work more closely with other societies to be on the same page as they are.

“We need to engage other young people to get involved in some way, not just with the agricultural society but within their community through volunteering.

“We’re always looking for young people on the committee with an interest in agriculture and event management in some degree.

“We’re lucky to have the young people that we do have. It may only be a few, but it all helps.”

Last year Mr Currie was the society’s junior vice president.

The society’s new vice president is 26-year-old Leigh McGennisken.

Horsham Agricultural Society’s next major event will be the inaugural Horsham Irish Festival. The event will be held at Maydale Reserve on Saturday, March 16.