The Australian Farmer Volume II, a dynamic and “living” e-journal, has undergone a heavy content refresh since ASA’s previous promotion. There are 10s of brand new incisive articles, all exclusive to the e-book, on various agri sci-tech-innovation-ESG topics. The publication, now well into its 6th year, is unlocking the best kept secrets on farmer productivity and profitability and making them available at your fingertips for free. Here is a selection of thought leadership style articles for your reading pleasure:

–         Seed Certification Key to Australia’s Agricultural Future (Australian Seeds Authority) pp 160-162

–         Foot and Mouth Disease: The $80 billion threat to Australian farming (Sheep Producers Australia) pp 194-196

–         Putting it on the agriculture agenda: bush foods and blockchain (Rayleen Brown) pp 168-171

–         The electrification of Australia’s agricultural future – time to take charge (Tractors and Machinery Association of Australia) pp 50-51

–         Digital Agriculture: A Tale of Unrealised Expectations? (Curtin University) pp 18-23

–         Innovations for a climate resilient sustainable agricultural sector (USQ) pp 237-238

–         Our Future Food Security: Time to Take Control (The Gaia Project) pp 84-85

–         The Ultimate Agriculture Advantage: Interview with Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems pp 42-45

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