PIEFA and ASA have been working on a Department AWE funded project to develop educational material about grains and soils. PIEFA in collaboration with ASA will have online grains and soils educational resources and interactive activities available that link in with the Youth Judging program.

PIEFA also has a number of new initiatives focused on the National Ag Day 2021.

We have developed a series of primary AG STEM challenges, that we are launching as part of National AG Day/Week. Here is a link to the challenges: https://www.primezone.edu.au/stemchallenge/  Next year we will have a suite of secondary AG STEM challenges as well.

We are running 5 days of Farmer Time events leading up to National Ag Day, a link to book these is found here: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/PIEFANatAgWeek21/events. We also have a main website that links to all of these: https://www.primezone.edu.au/agday2021/