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Ongoing drought and bushfire conditions are making it hard for many towns and communities to run country shows. This funding will help these critical, morale-boosting events to go ahead.


The NSW Government’s $170 million Drought Stimulus Package aims to mitigate the employment and income impacts of the current drought in regional NSW by delivering economic stimulus. Following the initial investment in fast-tracked local infrastructure projects, a number of other stimulus measures are now being rolled out.

Funding is now available to support the costs of organising and running country shows in drought and bushfire impacted areas of regional NSW.


Deliver economic stimulus and boost the liveability of communities in drought and bushfire affected areas by providing funding as a sponsorship package for country shows in 2020.


Eligible applicants are show organising committees.

Other requirements:

  • The country show must be in regional NSW (outside of Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong metropolitan areas) to be eligible for sponsorship
  • Applications are limited to one NSW Government sponsorship per show in a calendar year
  • Only shows that are going ahead in 2020, or combining with nearby shows, are eligible to receive funding
  • If a show has already been cancelled, show organising committees are encouraged to make contact to discuss what other funding support may be available
  • Shows that have received other NSW Government funding support to be held in 2020 are not eligible
  • Applications for funding must be submitted before the show has taken place. No funding can be approved if the application is made after the show has been held.

Eligible expenses

Examples of eligible activities include:

  • Reduced stall fees for locally-based community organisations and local businesses
  • Locally-incurred expenses such as hiring equipment and other services
  • Marketing and promotion material for the show, if spent locally
  • Contributions to awards and prizes for competitions
  • Costs to support show exhibits and events

Other expenses may be considered if it can be shown that the expenditure will be incurred in the local economy. The majority of the funding should be allocated towards locally-incurred expenditure.

Ineligible expenses

Examples of ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Fees and charges that are already covered by other sources or contributors
  • Reduced stall fees for non-local based businesses (i.e. showbag stalls or rides from outside the local area)
  • Significant non-local based overheads and expenses (i.e. insurance premiums)
  • Rent or hire fees for showgrounds and/or facilities
  • Activities associated with alcohol consumption or gambling.


A sponsorship package of up to $5,000 is available for each country show held in 2020.

Shows that are combining with other shows from the surrounding area may be granted a higher amount if requested. Initially, priority will be given to shows being held in the first half of 2020.


Country Show Sponsorship Packages aims to ensure shows can continue with increased funding certainty, flow money through local businesses and support communities overcoming the negative economic and social impacts of drought and bushfires.

How to apply

Eligible applicants can submit a simple application form through SmartyGrants(external link). Information required includes:

  • Country Show name
  • Funding amount requested
  • How the drought/bushfire has impacted the community’s ability to hold the show(s)
  • An itemised breakdown of the proposed activities, goods or service to be funded.

Applicants who are successful in receiving sponsorship funding will be required to provide a copy of the Show’s Public Liability Insurance.

At the completion of the project, applicants will be required to provide a brief report on the description of activities that were funded; evidence of how the funding was spent; and evidence of acknowledgement of the NSW Government as a show sponsor.

Timing and key dates

Applications open late January 2020. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within seven days of being submitted.

Funding Deed and payment will be made within 14 days of return by the applicant.

A completion report is required from successful applicants within three months of the show.


For more information, please contact Regional NSW on 1300 679 673 or click on the link to email the Regional NSW team.


Read the Disclaimer Statement for Country Show Sponsorship Packages.