Dr Jo Pluske has worked in agriculture and education in Australia and overseas for almost 35 years. Growing up in the marginal, crop-growing region of south-east, Western Australia gave her first-hand experience of farming. She completed undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in agricultural science and has worked in an assortment of jobs

Through her research, Jo has been involved in a range of studies including those pertaining to: feral animals and exotic plants; farm management; agricultural information; plant breeding, grains and genetically modified crops; water in rural towns and salinity management; animal production and welfare; and education.

Jo has taught agricultural courses both at university and vocational levels, and is delighted to continue being involved in education through agricultural shows. Jo has been working for more than 10 years as a consultant focusing on project planning, research and management in the agricultural industries. 

Currently, Jo is working with the ASA team on projects focusing on the Education of Sustainable Agri-food Production and the Young Farmers ChallengeThese projects complement her voluntary position as a Councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia. 

By working in different capacities for such agricultural organisations, Jo believes that she has gained a greater insight into the diverse range of benefits that can be delivered by their activities. She is particularly happy to be involved with delivering outcomes for education and young people in agriculture.