1. It’s a downright good time 

Who knew that watching someone frantically roll a swag on the clock could be so amusing? The Australian Young Farmer Challenge is a fantastic way to engage young people from your community in a fun format while showcasing and educating audiences about agricultural principles at the same time. 

2. Generate new revenue

The Australian Young Farmer Challenge is an attractive proposition to corporates who are targeting the agricultural sector and connecting with rural and regional audiences. It allows sponsors and supporters to generate brand awareness, showcase products and services, engage with consumers face-to-face and prompt immediate sales.

3. Spice up your program

Looking for a standout entertainment piece for your show program? The Young Australian Farmer Challenge ticks all the boxes; engaging, entertaining and educational for all show patrons on all aspects of Australian agriculture.  It is an easy-to-run, low-input, and hilarious entertainment option for local regional, and state events.

4. Showcase your local community 

Whether your region has its roots in horticulture or it was built on the sheep’s back, the Australian Young Farmer Challenge is a chance to celebrate the agricultural sector important to your local community. There’s a challenge to test the skills of every industry, from fruit picking and packing to skirting a fleece. Get creative and run challenges that are relevant to your farmers and your audience. 

5. Connect and celebrate agriculture’s future

Ultimately the Australian Young Farmer Challenge is a great way for young Australians to network and engage with other young Australians and industry leaders from across the country. For agricultural shows, it’s a way for the industry to celebrate, support, and recognise Australia’s future leaders in agriculture.