Our belief, at Agricultural Shows Australia, is that every show should run a Young Farmers Challenge because it’s an amazing way to entertain crowds, educate non-farmers, and engage youth in agriculture. 

It’s a cheap way to fill your night show or your lunchtime entertainment program and a good way to partner with local agricultural businesses who like to sponsor relevant events, like this. 

We built 15 assets to make running your local Young Farmer Challenge a breeze. 

  1. A handbook – so you know the rules and regulations
  2. A list of simple and safe activities you can run
  3. A set of animal welfare guidelines
  4. A budget template
  5. A business case template
  6. A competition scoring template – so you can keep track of scores
  7. A competitor waiver template
  8. An entry form template
  9. A sample challenge catalogue
  10. A sample event program
  11. A sponsorship prospectus template
  12. A press release calling for sponsors
  13. A press release calling for entrants
  14. Social media posts calling for entrants
  15. A press release announcing a sponsor