The competition judge assesses the young judges across four components of their skillset;  accuracy of observation, decision process, speaking ability and general presentation. On the line is the champion title, a host of prizes, bragging rights and the chance to compete at a national level. 

Our belief, at Agricultural Shows Australia, is that every show should run a Young Judges Soil Judging Competition because it’s an easy way to engage youth in agriculture and educate non-farmers on where our food quite literally stems from. It’s cheap to run, doesn’t require a huge range of equipment, and it’s a great way to partner with local agricultural businesses who like to sponsor relevant events, like this. 

We built 10 assets to make it easy to run your local Young Judges Soil Judging Competition:

  1. A YouTube explainer outlining how to incorporate this competition into your show 
  2. A handbook – so you know the rules and regulations
  3. Social media posts calling for entrants 
  4. A short course introducing you to living soils in Australia
  5. A quick guide for running a soil judging competition
  6. A bite-sized YouTube clip instructional video for competitors – it’s less than two minutes
  7. A detailed list of the equipment you need per competitor 
  8. A soil judging competition marking sheet 
  9. A marking sheet for the oral component 
  10. A step by step guide on how to use the Excel scoring sheet for Young Judges competitions