You’ll need 12 essential components to run the competition – and all but one is probably already lurking in your kitchen, shed, or laundry.

  1. Soil core trays (can be PVC pipe cut in half to display soil cores neatly)
  2. Soil pH kits; one or two required (ensure it’s not over 12 months old) and can be shared between competitors. These can be bought at any garden centre
  3. White plastic bowls (for soil dispersion, slaking and water repellency)
  4. Dilute hydrochloric acid (one part hydrochloric acid : 10 parts water). Vinegar can be used as an alternative
  5. Distilled water (rain water is okay but not mains tap water)
  6. Water spray bottles (one each or one between two)
  7. Tape measures (one per core)
  8. Muffin tray (six dish) for soil sample collection
  9. Mortar and pestle may be required if handling clay soils
  10. 2mm sieve. It’s not essential but suitable especially for soils with coarse fragments
  11. Teaspoons or butter knives can be utilised as soil extraction tools

The 12th component – soil cores – can be sourced via soil coring rig through your local soil coring service provider including agronomists, department of agriculture and soil drillers.