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Agricultural Shows Australia (ASA) is a body devoted to supporting and growing agricultural shows of all sizes around Australia. We actively promote and resource agricultural shows as well as communicating the importance of agriculture more widely to both the Australian economy, culture and society.

Part of our aim is not only to ensure the health of agricultural shows now, but to secure the shows for the future so that they can continue to contribute to the success of Australian agricultural endeavours.

We hope to actively reinforce and guide the next generation of Australian agricultural entrepreneurs, by encouraging the formation of a forward-looking regional committee in every region of Australia. We are committed to facilitating the establishment of new organisations and improving existing groups by acting as a hub for knowledge sharing, opening lines of communication and providing models and approaches for focusing on successful growth in the future.

‘Next Generation’ groups can provide invaluable information, mentoring and frameworks for the expansion, evolution and advancement of shows and agriculture in Australia. They can do this by:

  • Acting as a vehicle for the voices of young people involved in agriculture and the Shows Movement
  • Providing opportunities for like-minded young people to meet, share and support one another
  • Increase motivation and harness the clear enthusiasm young people have for being involved in their rural communities and agricultural industries
  • Provide education and facilitate learning opportunities for young people
  • Share best practices across a range of agricultural skills and event organisation
  • Enable networking across generations to assist with mentoring and to forge new links between young people and key industry stakeholders.

Our role is to support you in ensuring a bright future for the Shows Movement and Australian agriculture more broadly.

promoting the role and significance of Australian Agricultural Shows to the wider community

About Ag Shows Australia

Agricultural Shows Australia represents over 580 shows nation-wide and works to engage, influence and promote the essential value of Australian Agriculture.

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