National Young Judges and Paraders Competition
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Agricultural Shows Australia (ASA) is proud to conduct the annual Young Judges and Paraders Competition. This competition is designed to recognise and support the best new talent in judging and parading nationwide.

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ASA National Young Judges & Paraders Competition entrants must be at least 15 years of age and less than 25 years of age on the 1st of May in the year of competition. Qualification for the ASA National Finals Program is via success in regional and State competitions. Please refer to your local Show’s guidelines for qualifying competitions.

The ASA Young Judges and Paraders Competition is an extremely prestigious event and positions at the Nationals are keenly contested. Competition entry is a coveted opportunity to grow personally and professionally by practising skills and challenging yourself against the cream of the crop. Participants will demonstrate skills in communication, public speaking and breed and industry specific knowledge. They will also get a chance to strengthen career opportunities through networking with colleagues and key industry stakeholders.

There are nine categories for judging and parading each year under the ASA National Competition Program:

  1. Beef Cattle Judging
  2. Dairy Cattle Judging
  3. Merino Sheep Judging
  4. Meat Sheep Breeds Judging
  5. Merino Fleece Judging
  6. Beef Cattle Parading
  7. Dairy Cattle Parading
  8. Poultry Judging
  9. Alpaca (Animal and Fleece).

The ASA National Young Judges and Paraders Competition is based on the goal of expanding the knowledge and skills foundations of the entrants, helping them as youthful individuals to develop their careers. With this in mind, entrants are asked to outline their reasons for placing the animals and justify their positions. The task of judging is a subjective one, based on selected production systems and changing market conditions. It is important that entrants are able to use their skills and articulate their approach.

The National Competition is held in a different location each year so as to promote judging, parading and the industry as a whole as widely as possible throughout Australia. We are excited to announce that 2023 National Finals will be in Tasmania.

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