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National Championships

2018 Winners


National Rural Ambassador Awards

  • Champion – Sophie Crooke Lay from VIC
  • Runner Up – Luke Hall from WA

National Meat Breeds Sheep Judging

  • Champion – Lachlan Grossman from SA
  • Runner Up – Tenneal Prebble from QLD
  • Third Place – Ash Purcell from VIC

National Merino Sheep Judging

  • Champion – Adam Bennett from VIC
  • Runner Up – Klay Smith from SA
  • Third Place – Kaden Johnstone from WA

National Merino Fleece Judging

  • Champion – Stuart Richardson from WA
  • Runner Up – Jedidiah Morrison from QLD
  • Third Place – Courtney Davies from NZ

National Dairy Cattle Paraders

  • Champion – Clinton Keir from QLD
  • Runner Up – Liam Radford from TAS
  • Third Place – Stacey Leppert from VIC

National Dairy Cattle Judging

  • Champion – Jai Thomas from WA
  • Runner Up – Liam Radford from TAS
  • Third Place – Patrick Anderson from VIC

National Beef Cattle Paraders

  • Champion – Mason Galpin from SA
  • Runner Up – George Harbone from NSW
  • Third Place – Rachel WIlliams from WA

National Beef Cattle Judging

  • Champion – Harris Thompson from WA
  • Runner Up – Joe Tones from QLD
  • Third Place – Demi Bird from TAS

National Poultry Judging

  • Champion – Aron Quinton from SA
  • Runner Up – Courtney Davies from NZ
  • Third Place – Claire Blaney from NSW


Guidelines and Handbooks

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