Agricultural Shows Australia (ASA) is proud to present a heavily refreshed version of the second instalment of The Australian Farmer free digital book, which we have recently started supporting, available for free to all ASA members and other agricultural enthusiasts!

The Australian Farmer (TAF) digital book campaign was launched in 2017 specifically for and in collaboration with Australian farmers. It offers extensive and expert insight into advanced farming principles and practices in this country to help all farmers, no matter their commodity or region, enhance productivity and profitability outcomes.

This substantially revised tome, that is edited for long-life, continues to deliver original and in-depth articles, case studies, opinion pieces, product reviews and videos on a range of topics including digital technology, automation and machinery, animal and plant health, women in ag, succession planning and water and irrigation. A pioneering media product, that contains lots of new exciting content from various agricultural leaders, TAF serves as an authoritative and enduring educational resource for learning and professional development in one easy to access online location, designed to be saved in your bookmarks and returned to over time, chock full of links, tips and expert opinions and ideas.

A book of distinction, this 2nd “living” volume that has monthly content updates is provided for free to all Australian farmers plus many secondary audiences working in the wider agricultural economy and you can access, and also share across your networks, your copy by clicking the image. We hope you enjoy it!