Every year the South Australian Young Judges and Paraders State Championships are held at the Royal Adelaide Show. In 2023 we received over 550 entries in 11 competitions to find the state’s best young judges and paraders. This year we held our second Soil Young Judges Competition, it was great to have three of our regular young judge competitors give this competition a go and prove that anyone can do it!

2023 saw record numbers in the Dairy Handlers (126 entries) and Merino Sheep (132 entries) and Merino Fleece (97) competitions. We are working on putting systems in to place to make these competitions run smoothly at our state level and are also looking into ways that will allow our interstate and international visitors to compete, whilst still finding the best South Australians to represent us at the Agricultural Shows of Australia National Competitions. 

It was great to see past competitors return to compete again, as well as having some of our competitions won by people that have never entered in the State Finals before taking out the top title.

Congratulations to all our winners and chosen State Representatives. 

Alpaca Young Judges: 

Senior Winner: Victoria Clark

State Representative: Juliana Brookes

Beef Cattle Young Judges:

Junior Winner: Olivia Hassell

Senior Winner & State Representative: Chelsea Harrop

Beef Cattle Young Paraders:

Overall Champion & Sub Junior Winner: Elle Davies

Junior Winner: Maddison Hann

Intermediate Winner: Shayla Lepse

Senior Winner & State Representative: Lucy Newman

Dairy Cattle Young Handlers:

Sub Junior Winner: Lucy Mason

Junior Winner: Shae Tweddle

Intermediate Winner: Tess Newman

Overall Champion, Senior Winner & State Representative: Lucy Newman

Dairy Cattle Young Judges:

Junior Winner: Chelsea Schultz

Senior Winner & State Representative: Bridget Liebelt

Grain Young Judges:

Overall Champion: Emily Chambers

Meat Sheep Young Judges:

Senior Winner & State Representative: Elise Johnson

Merino Fleece Young Judges: 

Junior Winner: Asha Rowe

Senior Winner & State Representative: Alison West

Merino Sheep Young Judges:

Junior Winner: Charli Vandeleur
Senior Winner & State Representative: Beau Maddern

Poultry Young Judges

Winner & State Representative: Edward Lock

Soil Young Judges

Winner: Charlotte Poker

We look forward to seeing the Grain and Soil Competitions grow around the country and join the National Young Judges and Paraders Championships.

Jacqueline Francis

SA Country Shows

Youth Competitions Coordinator