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Is there anything better than hearing rain on the roof Or the smell that rolls in 10 minutes before a thunderstorm?


Rain equals opportunity and options. It’s the tangent to allow things to grow to their full potential.


Being chosen as the 2019 NSW Rural Ambassador was a lot like receiving torrential rain across a property. The opportunities suddenly started popping up everywhere.


I went from the young solicitor talking to grandmas about their wills and estates – to making keynote speeches about agriculture to the NSW Governor.


Green shoots have kept springing up since. I have a (possibly naive) belief that I can mix it with anyone; from CEOs to politicians – the Rural Achiever Program really has introduced me to a whole new audience of leaders in the agricultural space.


Agriculture is my passion – but believe it or not, I’m not that fascinated by burning diesel, nor am I inspired by a fat steer’s rump. For me, it’s about the people and the sense of community in rural areas which keeps me passionate about our great industry.