By Cherry Court, CEO, RAS NT

This year the Royal Darwin celebrated 68 years and we were delighted to welcome our southern colleagues to share it with us.

Visitors were welcomed by President Judy Anictomatis at the Official Opening followed by the Grand Parade and President’s reception where we all had the opportunity to catch up and exchange news – though our sizes vary we share so much in common.

Along with our traditional highlights which most of us share we were able to provide something different for our visitors.

For the last few years the Darwin Show has had traditional spear throwing in the main arena followed by traditional firelighting – out of the wind! This competition is probably unique to our Royal and is supported by a keenly competitive group of contestants. Prior to the start of the competition we have traditional aboriginal dancing by ‘One Mob’. This is part of an initiative fostered by local sporting identity Charlie King which the RASNT supports called ‘No More’ aimed at discouraging domestic violence.

It was great to have our visitors – it’s a long way to come – and we look forward to welcoming them some time in the future.

L-R: Michael Siebert, Board Member RAS of SA, Lana Gilmour, RAS of NSW, Brock Gilmour, CEO RAS of NSW
Marisa Gilmour, RAS of NSW, Rob Hunt, President RAS of SA
Susan Hunt, RAS of SA, Cherry Court, CEO RAS of NT
Judy Anictomatis, President RAS of NT, Robert Ryan, President of RAS NSW and Board Member ASA, Suzanne Ryan, RAS NSW, John Rothwell, CEO RAS of SA and Deputy Chair ASA Board, Jill Rothwell, RAS of SA