The 70th Royal Darwin Show proved to be a huge success with attendance estimated at well in excess of 50,000.

Leading up to the event the Top End went into lock down for 1 week which put our show preparations behind at a crucial time however we rallied and continued on without quite knowing whether we might be cancelled at any time due to the Covid pandemic.

Fortunately this did not happen and we went on to have a very successful show in terms of numbers, lack of incidents and an extremely happy and well behaved crowd who were obviously out to enjoy the return of our regular Darwin Show. We can’t express a big enough thank you to all involved who supported us both locally and from interstate.

We did lose a few judges, stallholders and exhibitors which could not be avoided due to the constraints of leaving their own jurisdictions and the uncertainty upon arriving home again. However we were able to cope with this and its impact on the show was minimal.

Our services, ticketing system, covid check-in which was a requirement of entry and other resources were tested to their limits including carparking. Our website crashed and our emails failed – thankfully at the end of show – I know all our southern colleagues can relate to the headaches caused by the ‘little’ technical failures of our systems that we rely on so heavily. Thanks to the patience and goodwill of everyone we worked our way through and had the satisfaction of a successful 70th show – what can be more rewarding?