Having now settled into the role of CEO, RASV’s Paul Guerra shares his thoughts on his first four months.

“I’ve been in the role now for 4 months, and I’m loving it. The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria is a great organisation, with great people, and we have a clear vision on what we’re trying to achieve. Having recently revisited our strategy, we’re clear that our main purpose is to “enable communities to showcase and celebrate their passion”, whether that be through competitions, events, or both.

I’m particularly delighted at the comradery that exists across Australia with our peer organisations, and I’m committed to helping ASA become a strong advocate for that. I’ve had several meetings with my “Royal Agricultural Society” counterparts who are genuinely both committed and supportive people, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of my Victorian counter arts across the Victorian Agricultural Society team.

Our organisations play such an important role in the community, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to help build on such a wonderful history.”