Bringing the Community Together 

The Parndana Show Society is pleased to announce this year’s show will go ahead as planned this year marking the 61st annual Parndana Show to be held on Saturday November 14th. The society has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this year’s event in a Covid safe way so that everybody can have an enjoyable day out with friends and family. The show this year will look a little different than normal with modifications made in accordance with Covid-19 regulations, but this year’s focus is on bringing the community together after the summers bush fires and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Society would like to thank the efforts of the Western Kangaroo Island Lions and the local recovery centre for their support in helping us to secure funding from Bendigo Bank and Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal to help us in putting on this event free of charge to the community.  

This means that for this year there will be no gate fee for attendees, no site fees for any traders and free rides for kids and the kids at heart. 

In order for this event to go ahead we have worked hard with government officials with the planning and running structure, so we can run everything safely in accordance with Covid restrictions and regulations.   

We thought we would share with you our rules and guidelines, ensuring our show is Covid Safe. 

Travel: limiting travel particularly in large crowds such as on public transport. Urge families to travel together and stay together during their time at the show. Manage car parks for social distancing. 

At the gate – Contact tracing: it is required to take contact tracing at the gate. QR Codes can easily be obtained online for free and takes only 5 minutes. Below is the link to the site we have used.  

We have three systems in place for contract tracing, pre-fill forms distributed via our local paper, QR Code at the gate, or paper on hand for thoughts not able to use a phone. 

Refuse entry to anyone not wishing to follow the regulations.  

Exhibitors: all exhibitors are asked to stage their exhibits in a timely manner and once staged to leave the display areas and do not hang around. Capacity limits are set for indoor areas for safety, use hand sanitiser where provided upon entry and exit, do not touch other exhibits. 

Capacity limits: take note of capacity limits for all areas (1 person/2m2)Covid marshals will monitor throughout the day with counters. Maintain social distancing at all times 1.5m, limit large gatherings. 

Covid marshals: know your expected crowd size, covid marshals are required to maintain social distancing and to enforce rules and regulations. 1 covid marshal/ 200 people. 

Hygiene: provide hand sanitiser throughout the event area, use when entering indoor areas, after eating or drinking and using the toilet. 

Masks are recommended when moving about with large crowdsDo not touch exhibits and limit touching of items at trade sitesIf you feel unwell or have any symptoms, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Have a keen team of cleaners to do round the clock checks and cleans of all areas. 

Eating & drinking: when eating or drinking please do so in marked areas, signage will indicate where to sit or stand so that social distancing can be maintained. After eating or drinking please dispose of rubbish in bins provided and wash or sanitise hands. 

Follow directions: please follow all directions by show staff and signage on show day. Those who refuse to or continue not to follow staff directions will be asked to leave the event. 

These are the guidelines we have set in place to hold a Covid safe show, but make sure to know your states regulations as they may differ. Have your covid safe management plan in place, if you need help to do this do not be afraid to ask. Government official are on had to answer any questions you may have, but as activities are only just starting to open up againso some queries you might have may not have the answers, so be patient. If in doubt, urge on the side of safety like we have, and remove some of your events and activities.   

We are all in this together and if we all do the right thing and follow the guidance of government officials we can all come out stronger on the other side into a Covid safe world holding our beloved country shows once again.  

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