SIDEWAYS ENTERTAINMENT is a newly founded Entertainment Group with multiple national and internationally renowned acts. We offer a variety of affordable entertainment packages, tailored to suit individual client’s budgets and objectives.

We offer affordable entertainment with loads more ‘Bang for your buck !!
• Sideways Harley Racing Team
• TC Trickz – Trial-X Show
• Kanga – Professional Stunt Man doing stunts
• Freestyle MX – Large and Small bikes
• Static Display for all our Race Bikes, Marquee’s and Wrapped vehicles
• We can fill multiple time slots throughout the day and night.
• Quick set up & pack up times.
• Any type of surface with minimal impact to ground surfaces.
• We come with our own ‘Total Event Package’ deal, complete with our own
professional display and merchandise stand, portable setup, portable ramps, airbags,
PA System, Announcer/s, and so much more to add…
• We can adjust our show to make it as short or as long as each individual Show
Schedule needs…
• Perform in almost any weather conditions.
• We are Fully Insured !

We can offer many more Entertainment options, like Live FMX Shows, Mini Bike FMX Shows, PLUS MUCH MORE – If you have an idea – Please let us know as we love to be
creative !


THE SIDEWAYS INDUSTRIES STUNT TEAM are always a crowd favourite, as they drift their fully modified Harley Davidson road bikes, specifically built for drifting sideways in the dirt. These custom
built bikes, not only look and sound tough, but they also look amazing on display, displayed amongst the fully sign written, professional marquee’s, complete with merchandise stand and wrapped vehicles.
The team of three riders will demonstrate their skills at racing around any oval, ground or track. They are adaptable to any ground surface. During the show, the entire team will interact with the crowd, giving away all sorts of merchandise, like gloves, hats, T-shirts etc… A true crowd pleaser at every show we do.

Introducing the Sideways Industries Stunt Team Riders…

#454 Justin Steele – Australian Stunt Performer, ex – Professional Motocross and Supercross Racer, ex -FMX rider, was amongst the OG foundation crew who brought Freestyle Motorsport to the world, he was a
part of the original Crusty Demons crew, also riding with Metal Mulisha and Vans Warped Tour back in the early 2000s. Before long Justin had formed Sideways Industries, taking Live Freestyle Motocross Shows to Australia, giving many of today’s freestyle superstars their first hit at stardom. Today, the Sideways Industries Stunt Team still enjoy guiding the youth of today through mentorship.

#93 Rider Dave Butler – Ex WSBK World Superbike Champ, racing both nationally and internationally, racing in Europe, racing Superbikes, Harleys, and even Drag Bikes! Director of DV Customs on the Gold Coast, motorcycle, mechanic by trade, Dave brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team!

#24 Rider Murray Pedley from Sydney, now residing at the Gold Coast, ex Flat Track champion , also, Racing MX, Murray is a real asset to the team and loves interacting with the crowd.

TIM COLEMAN and his team bring you world class entertainment – Pushing the limits to bring you, an action packed show with stunts, inspired by BMX, Enduro and Freestyle Motocross to their own unique
Trial-X Show. Having more than 20 years experience in competing, and riding all around the world, Tim and his team will bring you an outstanding bag of tricks to perform in their motorcycle stunt show – combining
technical writing, mixed up with tricks, such as 180s, Splats, Inverted Wheelies, Nose Wheelies, Backflips & many comical moments. Tim and his team provide all weather, action, packed entertainment.

KANGA – PROFESSIONAL STUNTMAN FOR FILM AND TELEVISION has been there and done it all, he left school early to pursue his passion for motorcycle racing, soon realising he could make more from
crashing them rather than racing them! Kanga has worked along side many big name actors, the likes of Zac Efron, Guy Pearce and many more… Performing stunts in many Feature Films, Television Shows and
Commercials. Kanga’s choreographed skits will bring the crowd to their feet, from jumping specially customised vehicles and landing them on their roof to setting himself a light and continuing to ride a motorcycle for a whole minute before he is professionally extinguished. If we cannot use fire in your area, again we can modify to suit, and Kanga is not short of creative, hilarious idea’s that the crowd will love.

We look forward to hearing from you…
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Brony Fullarton
m : 0415 751 731
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