Cara is the New Zealand finalist at the 2021 Agricultural Shows Australia National Young Judges finals held at the Royal Queensland Show. Agricultural Shows of Australia sat down with the 21-year old from Wellsford, as small stop through town with nothing but takeaways, four fuel stations and a drive through liquor shop, all within a 1km to learn more about her.

The easiest way to put this is that it is in my blood. I have grown up on a farm my whole life and have done nothing else. agriculture is my absolute passion, especially my cattle. At the age of 13 my passion and devotion really kicked in, purchasing my first purebred registered Beef Shorthorn. Here my prefix CEEJAY was created. Since my first heifer, the structure and genetics of my cattle are ever growing in a positive direction.

Since the age of 8, A & P shows (the New Zealand title for ag shows) have been my home for multiple weeks throughout the season, with every year expanding the number of cattle I enter. Starting out with a calf club was the beginning of my love for showing. I have attended over ten A & P shows each year for the last 13 years.

With my cattle I have a huge amount of accolades and many prized ribbons, this has been combined with the David Pacey showmanship and stockmanship trophy, Northland Districts RAS Beef Handler, which since 2014 have placed in the top three overall and, from these wins I was given the opportunity to represent Northern Districts at the National RAS Judging/Parading finals at the Royal Hawkes Bay Show.

I have been honoured and privileged to represent Northern multiple times: in 2019 I was crowned the Beef and Dairy Parader of the year, which led me to compete in the Australasian Finals held in Perth. And again in 2020 winning the beef parader.

Currently, for work, I’m an Area Manager for Nutritech International Ltd – a animal nutrition company expanding my stud and promoting the Shorthorn breed. Travelling around the world to fit cattle.

I would love to work in genetics and run my own farm. Eight years ago I started my Beef shorthorn stud, called ‘Ceejay’, I saved up all my money for my first registered yearling and started to break her in, from that point my stud got bigger and better. I started showing to promote my stud, the breed and show people how awesome cattle can be.

My mum, Vanessa Corry, has been an enormous influence on my passion for agriculture. She has the only Brahman stud in NZ so we started showing the brahmans to get the breed out there but I fell in love with the beef shorthorns.

Surprisingly enough, I really enjoy judging Alpacas, the crazier they are in the ring the more exciting it gets!

My favourite event in the industry is Beef Week in Rocky, I have been 3 times and absolutely love it.

My greatest achievement would be my shorthorn bull calf taking out supreme champion against a senior Angus cow and calf and senior Hereford bull!

My most embarrassing moment would be my steer destroying the entire ring, eating all the trees and knocking down everything in his path!

Agricultural Shows Australia wishes Cara all the best at the Ekka.