Jill Waters has been with the Royal Launceston show society since the 1970’s. 

Helping out with the Committee and fulfilling tasks that needed to be fulfilled. 

This included the general run around assisting with any task that needed to be completed. Soon Jill began to assist with the prize monies, prize cards, and general stewarding. 

With the change of venue from Elphin to the new site at Invermay, Jill took on more tasks associated with the Chief Stewarding. 

This included the compiling of the Cottage Industries Catalogue of entrants for each section. The hand-writing of prize cards for all classes and exhibitors and more importantly the co­ ordinating of the judges and stewards for the annual   show. 

Jill ensures that the Cottage Industries Section is run well not only for Show Day but for all   the people involved. Jill brings unity to a small group of like-minded people who wish to see the work of individuals put on display for the general public. Jill’s expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to see the Cottage Industries Section succeed and develop is well recognised    within the committee.    Jill’s rapport with judges, stewards, exhibitors and the general public is an asset for the Committee. 

Jill also exhibits items at various shows and events.   Her work includes needlework of various types including canvas work, embroidery and cut lace work. Jill has also made numerous teddy bears, patchwork items and tote bags. Jill also makes quilts with a lot of fine hand stitching and delicate features.   Other items include cross stitching, quilting, beading and even a touch of adult drawing. 

Jill had originally started exhibiting decorated cakes with the lace work piped onto the layers   of cakes ie the wedding cake style. This form of decorating is rarely seen today. Exhibiting these cakes would have been an exhibitors nightmare to get to the show in one piece without any damage. 

Jill is also involved with the Cake Decorators Association & CWA – East Launceston. 

Jill has also been called on to judge as and when required and to adjudicate on decisions where required. 

To assist the Cottage Industries with fundraising, Jill has tirelessly made items for the Committee to sell.  This includes craft kits, cards and gift packs.   These items are worth   every cent and as with most craft, the return is for the enjoyment of knowing that the item is appreciated for the effort that it has taken to produce. 

Jill’s main endeavour is to see the succession of the Royal Launceston Show for the general public to appreciate. To see the section grow in a way that maintains the public interest and the viability of the Cottage Industries.