445 Grant Applications equating to $69.1M (3 times the designated funds) are the figures recently released after the closing date of 13th December 2019. This figure represents around 80% of eligible shows applied for the Regional Agricultural Show Development Grant.

This overwhelming response to the $20M Federal Grant highlights the importance of our iconic Agricultural Shows to the community and the significant need for upgrade and maintenance of showground infrastructure nationally.

  • NSW 144 applications for $20.7m
  • NT 3 applications for $0.3m
  • Qld 117 applications for $22.9m
  • SA 47 applications for $6.6m
  • TAS 21 applications for $2.9m
  • Vic 72 applications for $10.8m
  • WA 41 applications for $4.8m
  • 6 state applications for $ 3.0m
  • Total 445 applications seeking $69.1m
  • Large shows = 124 applications
  • Small shows = 315 applications

The government was certainly astonished by the final application figures with one department member suggesting it has been one of the most successful grant funding rounds ever.

The project review panel has been selected with an intention of informing successful applicants by mid -March 2020.

With these overwhelming figures we have an opportunity to build on this initial round of funding. We will be lobbying for our show society members to secure further funding in the future.

Katie Stanley
Executive Officer
Agricultural Shows Australia