Tractor, alpacas, and fire extinguishing challenges are a great time but did you know you can have just as much fun with the humble spud? Here are five super simple activities that will challenge your farmers but won’t have your show committee tied up in a logistical bind:

1. It’s fruit-packin’ time 

Got a packing box and a pile of fruit? You’ve got yourself a fun challenge that will test the horticulturist skills. Two team members run to a stage where a pile of fruit and a packing box awaits. Team members must catch and pack the fruit in the box, but beware – if any fruit is broken, it must be replaced by another piece.

2. How are your fences?

Every farmer has the tools, and every farmer’s done the job – but how good are your fencing skills when you’re on the clock? Grab some steel picket fence posts, post-drive, wire and strainer posts and put teams to the test by putting up a fence, straight or square.

3. Stop, drop, and dig 

This one couldn’t be simpler – but still packs an entertaining punch. Teams must scramble to unearth potatoes and toss them into a potato sack held open by a team member a short distance away. All you need is a few potato sacks and six spuds.

4. Round or rib? 

Know your bolar blade from your flank steak? The ‘know your meats’ challenge sees teams draw the different meat cuts on a cow silhouette, with a list to be provided by Agricultural Shows Australia. All you’ll need is four cow carcass silhouettes. 

5. Who will crack first?

Were you a bit of an egg and spoon legend in primary school? Well, the Young Farmer Challenge version is for you. One person sprints to the eggs that are waiting on a haystack and places six eggs in their basket before running to an egg carton positioned at the starting line. There must be six eggs before the team continues. If one is broken, then the team will need to collect another. Each team needs 12 eggs, a basket, table, and one, half dozen egg cartons.