We’ve rounded up 30 action-packed activities from 13 different categories to help committees prepare an entertaining AYFC competition that will get the blood pumping and the crowd roaring:


        1. Run, wool bale, run

Each team rolls a wool bale off a ute to a nominated location and runs to the next challenge 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Equipment: Four utes

Difficulty: 🐑🐑

        2. Skirting a fleece

Each team is to throw and remove a spray-painted “skirt” from a fleece 🐑🖌️

Equipment: One fleece per team, a can of spray paint and a table

Difficulty: 🐑🐑


        3. Break a leg

How well can you apply a splint when the clock’s ticking? In this challenge, one team member ups the ante on their acting skills and feigns an injured leg, while the other teammates fit a splint and move the injured person a short distance 🩼🧑‍⚕️

Equipment: Bandage and splint per team

Difficulty: 🐑🐑

        4. Treat and transport 

What’ll it be today? A broken arm? Snake bite? Whatever your nominated injury, participants must correctly treat their team member and safely transport the poor victim to the next challenge 🤕🐍🚑

Equipment: One stretcher and first aid kit per team

Difficulty: 🐑🐑


      5. How’s your milking technique?

Each team fills a bucket from a cow silhouette by milking it 🐄🥛🪣

Equipment: One dairy cow simulator and bucket per team

Difficulty: 🐑

        6. There’s (a big) use crying over spilt milk 

Teams must fill a number of clear milk bottles with milk (or water) 🐄🥛

Equipment: Milk bottles

Difficulty: 🐑


        7. Unearth potato gems

Teams must dig up potatoes and toss them into a potato sack held open by a team member a short distance away 🥔⛏️

Equipment: Potato sacks and six potatoes

Difficulty: 🐑

        8. Fruit packing time

Two team members run to a stage where there will be a pile of fruit and a packing box. Two team members catch and pack the fruit into the box. If any fruit is broken, it must be replaced by another piece 🥑🍎🍐🍈

Equipment: One fruit box per team and any fruit available

Difficulty: 🐑

       9. Pumpkin bowling 

Standing behind a line, each team is to bowl a pumpkin at a target 🎃🎳

Equipment: One pumpkin and target (eg. box or stack of tins) per team

Difficulty: 🐑


       10. Split it

Team members take turns splitting wood. Four pieces of wood are to be cut by each team 🪓🪵

Equipment: Pile of wood

Difficulty: 🐑🐑

        11. Stack it

Teams move wooden logs from one stack a short distance (10-25 metres), and restack the wood 🪵🪵🏃

Equipment: Pile of wood

Difficulty: 🐑


        12. How old’s the goat?

Judging by its teeth, one team member lets the judge know what they think the goat’s age is 🐐🦷

Equipment: Goats and pen

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑🐑

       13. After you, alpaca

The first team member puts a halter on the alpaca and leads it around a course, with help from the second team member 🦙

Equipment: 16 markers/witches hats and four alpacas 

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑


        14. [Do] place all your eggs in one basket

One person runs to the eggs that are positioned on the haystack. The runner then places six eggs in their basket and  runs to an egg carton positioned at the starting line. There must be six eggs before the team continues. If one is broken, then the team will need to collect another 🐔 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🧺

Equipment: 12 x eggs, one basket and table per team, and one half dozen egg carton

Difficulty: 🐑


       15. Load up, the trolley obstacle race is here

One team member stands on the two wheeled trolley whilst the second team member pushes the two wheeled trolley around the obstacle course as quickly as possible. If you fall off, it’s back to the starting line for your team 🚦

Equipment: One x two wheeled trolley and obstacle course (cones or similar markers) per team 

Difficulty: 🐑🐑

       16. Pipe fitting 

A piece of poly pipe 40cm long will be required to be cut through, allowing the fitting of a joiner to be put into place. One team member holds the pipe whilst the second member cuts it and installs the joiner 🪚

Equipment: One hacksaw, 2-5 joiners and lengths of pipe per team 

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑

        17. Rise and roll

One team member starts off “asleep” in swag – but not for long. When the bell rings, it’s time to jump up, put your shows on and roll your swag in speedy style 😴🏃

Equipment: One swag per team

Difficulty: 🐑

        18. Tack the horse

Each team is to put the tack on the horse statue 🐴🐎

Equipment:  Horse statue (fiberglass eg. Horseland) and  tack

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑

        19. Oh baby, guess the gestation

Teams must match the animal with the correct gestation period 🤰

Equipment: Set of cards with the following animal names: cow, sheep, horse, chicken and dog; Set of cards with the following gestation periods: 274 days, 152 days, 340 days, 21 days and 63 days

Difficulty level: 🐑


         20. Put them on, line them up

A pair of CFA pants and an overcoat must be put on correctly, along with gloves and eyewear. The team member then grabs the extinguisher and knocks off the five individually positioned cans from the railing from five metres away 🧯🧑‍🚒

Equipment: Four wooden planks or tables and six full fire extinguishers (two spare). You will need to have access to water to refill 20 empty drinking cans 

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

        21. Where there’s smoke, there’s a challenge

A team member puts on a pair of RFS pants and overcoat, along with gloves and eyewear. The team member then puts on a pump and uses a fire hose to extinguish a small fire 🧯🧯

Equipment: One RFS uniform and safety gear per team, and one water pump per team. Access to water is required.

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑


        22. Puzzle with a difference

Puzzles are made using hydraulic hoses for all members to work as a team to put together or take apart 🧩

Equipment: Hoses for each team

Difficulty: 🐑

        23. Transfer water 

The team is to bail water from a trough to the empty bucket using a jug, passing the jug from the trough to the bucket via each team member 🚰🪣

Equipment: 1 x water trough, 1 x jug, 1 x bucket per team

Difficulty: 🐑


        24. Is it on? Setting up a portable electric fence 

The first team member pushes in six white tread ins and rolls out the reel of wire. The second team member helps roll out the wire and install it while the other two put the strainer posts in at each end ⚡⚡

Equipment: One portable fencing reel with 30 metres of poly wire rolled on per team; 40 tread in fence droppers per team

Difficulty: 🐑🐑🐑

       25. Put up a fence

Construct a fence, straight or square 📏

Equipment: Steel picket fence posts, post-drive, wire, and strainer posts

Difficulty: 🐑


        26. Know your meat cuts

Teams are to draw the different meat cuts onto the cow silhouettes. The list will be provided 🍖🥩🐄

Equipment: Four cow carcass silhouettes 

Difficulty: 🐑