Reece Jerrett – 2023 National Rural Ambassador

Hailing from Mundijong, Western Australia, Reece Jerrett is a dedicated advocate for agriculture and rural communities. His journey into agriculture began in 2008 with poultry and waterfowl breeding and exhibition, leading to roles such as President of the West Australian Poultry Association and Chief Steward of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA Pigeons & Poultry committee. Beyond the show rings, Reece’s community involvement extends to organizations like the SJ Community Resource Centre and Landcare SJ, where he’s honed skills in event management and environmental conservation. Currently employed as a Refinery Process Operator at Alcoa of Australia, Reece’s versatility and commitment to community and agriculture shine through.

Reece’s vision as a candidate for the 2023 Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Council Election is to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities, emphasizing the importance of preserving agricultural areas for local food security. As a Rural Ambassador, he seeks to raise awareness of these issues, benefitting not only his local Agricultural Show Society but also fostering collaboration between urban and rural stakeholders. Reece’s focus on community engagement and his insights into the future of agricultural societies promise to make a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape in Western Australia and beyond.