Article 145th Annual Beverley Show 2022

The 145th Annual Beverley Show 2022 was held on Saturday 20 August 2022 where two Life Memberships were bestowed by the RASWA President David Thomas. These were awarded to Brian and Lorraine Sims’s for a life time of service to the Beverley Regional Show. Brain and Lorraine have gone above and beyond in their duties and responsibilities in the annual event.  Dedicated to the success of the Beverley Show, Brian and Lorraine have displayed exceptional service and devotion. They have held multiple executive positions at the society over many years and are, without doubt, the driving force behind the ongoing success of the Beverley Show.

A brief history of their amazing contribution

Brian Sims – Brian, as President of the Junior Farmers was invited onto the Beverley Show Committee. His Father and Uncle had always exhibited and Brian continued the tradition. Brian was elected as President in 1967 and held the role for 3 years. He served on the committee for over 30 years and has supported the Beverley Agricultural Society in many ways. He now holds the position of Patron. For many years Brian and his wife Lorraine would bring their caravan to the show and use it as an office and hospitality centre. They hosted many important guest over the years including the Governor of Western Australia, Sir Douglas Kendrew and his wife. Brian and Lorraine regularly lent the society their dance floor and recently donated it to the Society. Brian continues to be a member and supports the society wherever he can.

Lorraine Sims – Lorraine was a keen exhibitor and won many prizes. As wife of the President she was in charge of catering and with 5 small children would produce a 3 course meal for many people. She still continues to support the Agricultural Society by donating cakes, soup and more, every year. Lorraine trained as a Judge and has judged most classes in the Pavilion sections of Shows in many towns, including the Royal Perth Show over some 50 years. She continues to make herself available to the Beverley society as an adviser in the Beverley Exhibition shed and is always available to fill in if needed. Lorraine continues to be a member of the society and supports wherever she can.

The Beverley show theme in 2022 was “ A Look Back in Time”

In 1872 the first meeting of the Beverley Agricultural Society was held in what is now the Dead Finish Museum.

Mick Martin ( President Beverley Show) Brain Sims, Lorraine Simms and David Thomas President RASWA